Embrace Your Fears

Have you ever asked yourself:

“Why do I fear fear?”

Is it because we think that fear poses a threat to our lives, self image, or possessions? 

You and I would probably agree that we all have our fears. We fear failure; we fear to get hurt; we fear to lose our loved ones. But, does that fear dampen our energy or does it motivate us to challenge our threats? The problem is that we see fears as threats, because we don’t give our fears the value they deserve… Continue reading


Embrace Your Mistakes

Have you ever regretted a mistake you made, and thought to yourself:

“I’m stupid.”


Source: Inkd

I’ve been there… and maybe you have too. Perhaps, you’ve just got a bad grade on your Biology test. Or maybe you just confronted the person you love, who turns out to not feel the same way…

You might start to hate Biology, or hate the person you confronted.

But, have you and I ever tried to thank our mistakes instead?

My G2 Driving Test:

Continue reading

Embrace Your Inner Voice

Isn’t it a beautiful moment of victory when you yell out:

“I knew it!!”

_i knew it.png

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You yourself are surprised by how you knew it. You start to think that you might possess some divine sensations or that you could be a psychic. The more possible explanation, though, is that your intuition guided you to know it… But how?

All of us encounter this “gut feeling”, whether it is about people, a place, or about your own destiny. Sometimes, we commit the worst mistake of not taking those gut feelings seriously. That could possibly be because we can’t find a logical explanation to our inner voice. Continue reading

Embrace Your Doubts

Have you ever heard that voice emerge through your head:

“I am not good enough.”

Source: Gemesis

Source: Gemesis

Yeah, most of us have encountered that at some point in our competitive lives.

Sabrina’s Story:

I have a friend — let’s call her Sabrina — who is extremely intelligent and creative. The problem is that she does not see herself that way. She only criticizes herself; she doubts her abilities.

Despite my constant trials to make her believe in herself and see what I and everyone around her could see, she still does not believe it. Yes. Sometimes, I crave to shake her and carve out that demon inside her head that tells her that she’s not good enough. Continue reading