Embrace your Anti-Social Moments

Have you ever told someone who tries to console you:

“I’ll be fine. I just need sometime alone” ?


Source: Wired

We’ve all been through ups and downs. You and I, both, had our moments of not wanting to see or talk to anyone.

Sometimes, we prefer the company of our own selves to relax and refresh our system.

Does that make both of us Anti-Social?

We Need our Anti-Social Moments

I remember one day I was on the bus, going to University. A friend waved and sat beside me. I had my book “Pride and Prejudice” that I planned to read on the bus. The friend started talking; I wanted to devour my book. I know it’s rude to take out my book and cut my friend off, but all I can think of is what Elizabeth really thought of Mr. Darcy. Now, it got to a point where I am tired of talking.


Source: Onionstatic

I blank out for a few seconds, then blurt:

“I’m so sorry but there’s this book I really want to read, so do you mind if I –“

“No, not at all! Go ahead!” My friend replied before I even finished my question.

I needed my anti-social moment, which only involved my book and I; and so did my friend who immediately took out her own book and read it. I guess she looked forward to her own anti-social time too…

Your Mind Needs a Break

We come across many people each day. Each one from a different race, level of education, economic status, religious beliefs, cultural morals, etc. It is a lot of information for our mind to handle every single day. Some information that our mind processes are even unconscious. If we continuously receive information without processing them, our brain would freeze with all the abundant information that it was fed. We all need some anti-social time to process these information.

Great Things Happen When You Are Alone

Why is meditation one of the most commonly practised arts to de-stress?

“Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful. With regular practice of meditation [you] gain clarity and peace of mind…” (artofliving.org).

So, are meditation rooms just filled with a bunch of Anti-Socials?

You need some “Me” time to learn and grow. Don’t be afraid to say no to an outing because you need some time alone. Your anti-social moments are your time to reflect upon everything that you’ve been through that day, week, or month;

So embrace them.


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